Imagine Teaching Your Bible Students How to Think and 

Act Like Jesus!

Dear Bible Teacher,

We are taught many fascinating truths in the Bible. One of them that stands out is found in Paul's first letter to the Corinthian Church where he writes:


Through Paul's study and personal experience, he had learned what it means to have the Mind of Christ. He wasn't talking about some type of New Age Mysticism, but rather, how he had actually learned to think and act like Jesus.


We are amazed by this type of talk, but why should we be? If Paul and his companions could obtain the mind of Christ, isn't that an indication that this would be normal for every believer who was seriously devoted to his/her Lord and Savior?


We believe so! And that is why we are offering this incredible resource to all who desire to think and act like Jesus.



Dr. Barry L. Davis has written one of the most extraordinary curriculums ever. There are 14 Lessons in all that contain in-depth, yet easily understandable, teachings on the "I Am" and "Purpose" Statements of Jesus Christ.


These teachings come from the standpoint that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, Word of God, and that we can literally be transformed by its teaching. If that is your view also, please read on!



*100-page Full-Manuscript Teacher's Guide

*14 In-Depth Lessons with engaging illustrations

*Two versions of the Reproducible Student's Guide

*Interesting Discussion questions for each lesson

*Professional PowerPoint Presentations

*Lessons in Word, PDF, and Powerpoint formats



The Mind of Christ Manual is the ideal curriculum for Discipleship classes, Mid-week Bible Studies, Sunday School, and just about any other teaching opportunity you can think of.



(You will receive all of the formats below for each lesson)

Teacher's Guide Word Format Lesson One

Teacher's Guide PDF Format Lesson One

Student's Guide Word Format Lesson One

Student's Guide PDF Format Lesson One

Student's Guide Short Word Format Lesson One

Student's Guide Short PDF Format Lesson One

Powerpoint Slides Lesson One

Powerpoint Show Lesson One


As you can see, this is an incredible package. Multiply the above samples by 14, and you'll get some idea of just how much is included here. Consider the benefits below:




*Instant access -- no waiting on the mail -- you will be downloading this to your computer within moments of your order.

*Fully editable -- if there is anything you would like to change -- change it! We have provided easily editable formats specifically for this purpose.

*Reliable -- Biblically accurate, highly inspirational, and easily adapted to your teaching style.

*Reusable -- You can teach this material over and over and over again. You are given the right to reproduce the Student's Guides as many times as you would like at NO EXTRA COST.

*THE BIGGEST BENEFIT OF ALL -- You and Your Students will learn to think and act like Jesus Christ!



One of our primary objectives, as followers of Christ, is to study Jesus. As we do this we are transformed into the image of Christ. Dr. Davisí study on the mind of Christ is an amazing resource for any follower who wants to experience this transformation. 


Kevin Clark

Lead Pastor

Vineyard Community Church 


After reviewing the Bible Studies on the Mind of Christ, I must say that they are are well done!  They are easy to use and the information is put together in way that people can easily understand.  I especially like the Scripture references for each point. Those by themselves are a goldmine for biblical theology.

Aaron Wager

Lead Pastor

Bear Creek Christian Church 


And guess what? Unlike other publishers of Christian materials, we are not here to try and squeeze every last dollar from the church budget. Rather than charging $20 per study guide, or make you pay a licensing fee, we have a one-time charge and give you the right to reproduce our material 10 or 10,000 times over. Here is your total cost if you purchase this package today:


Yes, that is all we are charging for this wonderful package. As you can see, we are pricing this way below what others would because we want to get this teaching into the hands (and minds!) of as many people as possible.


Well, there isn't much more that we can say. You've seen what an incredible package has been put together for you to teach. All that is left is to place an order and you will be quickly on your way to leading others into the wonderful experience of obtaining the Mind of Christ.


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